American Airlines Reservations Official Site +1-800-413-4823

Phone Number +1-800-413-4823

American Airlines Reservations Official Site +1-800-413-4823 +1-800-413-4823

Visit the incredible world with Smart Flights Fares which are American Airlines official sites for booking air tickets. This travelling site provides you flexible and cheap prices air tickets. You can book tickets from the best of American Airlines with amazing facilities.

American Airline features and Policies: -

Facilities onboard: -

They have premium quality seats and equipment (for rest, read and entertainment). These airlines carry flagships for business and even for economy class. American Airlines have effective and convenient policy for baggage.

Cabin: -

Cabins of American Airlines are designed by keeping comfort of passengers in the mind. Exclusive features of cabins make you to feel personalized and soothing experience specially during long- distance travel.

Business Class: -

The Business Class of American Airlines Official Site offers super Comfy, upright and flexible 52 seats. Those are in the form of a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone. A small mini-cabin with two rows of the Business Class for prevalence.

Premium Economy Class: -

For long distance or International flights, the Premium Economy class in American Airlines is a smarter way of travelling. This gives travellers an overwhelming experience of spacious seating, a plethora of entertainment, choice of meals and drinks. is providing you budgetary price for premium Economy class. Where you could get extra legroom, free snacks, awesome entertainment package and complimentary drinks during your travel.

Economy Class:-

Even you are paying for economy class but we assure for no- lesser than premium flight experience with us. The American Airlines are promised to give world best flight journey experience in the minimum fare.

Feel cosy with the pillow and blanket along with an amenity kit so that you have an exhilarating journey. Get to see more information on American Airlines Official Site.

Book Ticket via American Airline Helpline Toll Free number:

American Airlines believe that your astonishing air travelling experience is the key of our true success. Passenger can book tickets online as well as it can be booked by helpline number. Which is hassle-free procedure with discounts and rewards? American Airlines are not only concentrated on your comfort but also the security and safety of you and your belongings, which is part of our incredible services. Also, the correspondents would ask about your personal information such as contact details, trip date, destination and relatable things. You need to answer them one by one, and they'll book the right ticket for you at the right time.

American Airlines Check-in Policy

Easy policy for check-in and bag fees, passenger can bring one bag and one personal carry bag in all cabins. Make sure you check -in 45 minutes before your departure time. There is different bag fee and policy for different destination please checks the website for detail information.

First-class passengers can carry three complimentary bags for three-cabin aircraft and two for two-cabin aircraft. For business and premium class two complimentary bags policy. Two bags rule for the main cabin but you have to pay charges.

American Airlines Customer Service

If you have any issues related to booking, tickets availability, refund, check-in or any other relatable thing, then contact American Airlines Reservations phone number. Their contact number is +1-800-413-4823 for English language for assistance. They provide their customer service in different language please check the website for another language.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

The American Airlines tickets are non- refundable. However, at following situations you can get refund:

  1. If you cancel it within 24 hours from the time of your booking.
  2. There is a schedule change from the side of American Airlines (if there is schedule change of more than 61 minutes)
  3. The passenger or his travel companion has died.
  4. There is an existence of military orders.

How to Manage Your American Airlines bookings

To effectively manage your American Airlines bookings, you shall have to log in with your advantage number. Else, username and password will also work. Later on, it will show the whole status of your reservation. You can make the necessary rectifications and manage the bookings from there.

How to cancel the American Airlines flight ticket?

If you have booked directly via AAV, then you need to call the same department on +1-800-413-4823 to get your American Flight Booking Official Site cancelled.

You may also follow the following easy steps to cancel your booking with American Airlines:

Step 1: Log into the American Airlines account. There, you need to select the option 'Your Trips'.

Step 2: Select the trip which you intend to cancel. Later on, click on Cancel Booking.

Step 3: A new screen is going to pop up, asking you to confirm your cancellation decision. Click on 'confirm'. It will officially cancel your booking.

American Airlines Pet Policy

The American Airlines flights allow seven kennels into it whereas the American eagle flights will enable the entry of 5 enclosures. Just in case, the weather conditions are not favourable, i.e. above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit, then the entry of your pets could be restricted. Dogs and cats are allowed to transport as cargo.

American airlines pet carrier guidelines

Here are some guidelines associated with the pet carrier that you must keep in mind:

  1. Whether your pet can be carried or transported as a carry-on depends upon its breed and size.
  2. You are only allowed to travel with cats and dogs. However, there are some exceptions for few breeds too.
  3. If you have paid extra charges for a carry-on pet, then you are allowed to bring one kennel.
  4. During the whole flight, the pets shall have to remain in the kennel.
  5. Your pet and carrier's combined weight must not exceed 20lbs in any case.

Food variety in American Airlines

American Airlines serve delicious food on flight and as per your expectations. Also, for Europe and Asia flights you may get meals, wine and beer too. There are a plethora of food varieties facilitated by American Airlines. In the Business Class, the snacks are complimentary while in the economy class, you shall have to buy it on your own.

Call +1-800-413-4823 for deals too good to be published.