Avianca Star Alliance Advantages to Know:

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Do you know about the alliance information of Avianca Airlines? Well, Avianca Airlines is mainly connected with the Star Alliance and that’s why we can say that this airline has much more important for the passengers to plan vacations with this airline. Not all airlines in the world are the member of leading airline alliance such as Star. Star is the most popular airline alliance in the world and with this alliance, you can avail the extra-ordinary advantage for your flying journey always. Now the question is about the benefit of Avianca Star Alliance for your journey. Due to the permanent membership of the star alliance, Avianca is always the first choice for the passengers to fly in the United States and Columbia. What are the advantages you can get with the benefit of star alliance in your Avianca Flights Booking? Here is the list and you can check:

Priority Airport Check-In Without Any Delay:

When you don’t want to wait in the long-time for the check-in process than booking the tickets of the airline which is a member of star alliance is a plus point for you because Star Alliance member airlines are getting the advantage of priority check-in for the passengers at the airport. You can easily do check-in as soon as possible without any delays.

Priority Baggage Handling:

The second advantage of Avianca Star Alliance for the passengers is priority baggage handling. Yes, in the big lines of check-in bags and checked bags you don’t need to wait for much time because due to the tickets of Avianca Airlines Reservations you will also get this kind of advantage for the early baggage handling process at the airport.

Lounge Access at Airport:

Do you want to spend your free time in a luxurious place at the airport? Well, Avianca Star Alliance also provides the opportunity to passengers for the airport lounge access and with this, you can enjoy the lounge benefits at the airport due to the membership of Star Alliance with Avianca Airlines.

Priority Boarding at Airport:

The fourth and most important advantage that you must know on the booking of Avianca Reservations is the priority boarding at the airport. Yes, this advantage is also connected in the list of Avianca Star Alliance Benefits for the passengers.

Extra baggage discount on the fare is also possible with the Star Alliance membership. Airlines who are the member of star alliance charge less baggage fee on the passengers in comparison to the non-star airline alliance.

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Final Words:

Therefore, this is all about the Avianca Star Alliance Advantages that you must know on the booking of Avianca Reservations. We hope, you found the various benefits on the booking of Avianca Flights just because of the Star Alliance Membership of this airline. Hence when you think to fly to New York or Washington DC from Columbia then considering this airline as the right choice for you.

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