Alaska Airlines Pets in Cabin Things to Know

Pet travel with Alaska Air Flights is not a challenging task for the people in the modern world just because of factual things and easily available rules. Nowadays, when any concern comes to your mind about your travel plans then you may do Google. This is the easiest way to get the answer to any question. Are pets allowed in the cabin of Alaska? Here are the full-fledged details of Alaska Airlines Pets in Cabin that you must know as a regular flyer or new flyer as well of this airline.

What is Age Eligibility for Pet Travel in Alaska?

A passenger must pursue the age barriers as well to travel in Alaska with a pet. What are the barriers? Well, you must be at least 18 years or older to travel in a cabin in Alaska with your pet.

Seat Rules of Alaska For People Who Travel with Pet in Cabin?

If you are with your pet in Alaska then you may not get the emergency exit row seat, bulkhead, or any seat with an airbag safety belt.

How Many Pets are allowed in Alaska Airlines First Class & Main Cabin?

In the first-class cabin of Alaska, only one pet carrier per flight is allowed and for the main cabin, up to five pet carriers are allowed per flight.

Things to Know About Alaska Cabin Pet Travel:

#A. Pet Carrier Vs Personal Item:

When you travel with your pet then you may also carry the carrier of the pet and this includes the personal item in your baggage rules. That means you can’t carry extra personal items if you travel with your pet (until you want to pay for this). You can bring either a pet carrier or your item according to the rules of Alaska Air. However, you can carry your standard carry-on bag on the airline.

#B. How Many Pet Carriers Allowed Per Passengers?

Per customer, only 2 pet carriers are allowed in the main cabin ( In case when the adjacent seat is a book by the same customer).

#C. Can Animal Occupy a Seat in Alaska Airlines?

This is like a joke and doesn’t think an animal occupies a seat in the airline by itself.

#D. What Kind of Pets Are Allowed in Alaska Airlines?

Cats like dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and Household Birds are allowed in the cabin of Alaska Airlines.

#E. What is Age Restriction for pet travel in Alaska?

A pet must be 8 weeks old to fly with a customer in Alaska Airlines and also must have completely weaned.

#F. Are Same Species Pets Allowed in One Carrier?

Yes, it may but only 2 pets of the same breed and same size are allowed to travel in one carrier.

#G. What is Kennel Size Requirement for Pet Travel?

Kneel Type Kennel Size Allowed Dimensions
Hard Sided 50 17" x 11" x 7.5"
Soft-Sided 50 17" x 11" x 7.5"

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