Booking Pet Travel Requirements of Alaska Airlines

Alaska is also the major airline that allow for the pet travel to people in the cabin or in the compartment of Cargo (depends on the availability). Pet lovers never want to leave their pets in house while flying from one place to another and they want to fly with pet at all places and that’s why they consider the airline that allow for the easy pet travel to passengers. Do you want to book pet travel in Alaska Airlines? If yes then checking the booking pet travel requirements of Alaska Airlines is important for you. First thing to know for pet travel booking on Alaska Air is contact the Alaska Airlines Phone Number to ask about the subject of availability. With this customer service people can determine about the seat and space in the airline for the pet travel.

Point to Be Noted About Alaska Pet Travel:

The airline does not transfer pets in the baggage compartment to other flag carriers and pet must be claimed and rechecked to the connecting airline carrier only. One thing that you also know about the pet travel that it is not allowed in all flights 2000-2999 or Flights 3300-3499 not allowed to pet travel in the checked baggage or cargo compartments in the particular date or holiday travel such as From November 15 to January 10.

Alaska Airlines Pet Travel Restriction for Hawaii:

For the travel of Hawaii, you need to know that the airline does not accept dogs and cats for the travel of Hawaii. Due to the iconic and unique status of Hawaii (this I s the rabies Free State) the airline not allow for the travel for Hawaii.

What is Pet Travel Fee in Alaska Airlines?

The pet travel fee in Alaska Airlines Flights is also not high such as in delta or United. You can reserve the seat of your pet in this airline within $100 for each way. Fee of pet travel is mainly depending on the pet kennel and carrier.

What are tranquilizers on Pets?

Airline never suggest for this process because the effects oftranquilizers at the high altitudes on animals are completely unpredictable. The decision is only depending by passenger’s veterinarian.

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