How to Buy, Gift or Transfer Miles in AAdvantage?

Do you want to earn or buy miles from the American Airlines? If yes then you may also have the membership of American Airlines Frequent Flyer Program but if you already joined the AAdvantage but not have the enough miles to use on your specific travel requirements then you can buy the miles as well. Is it possible or not in real? Yes, possible! Well, buy, gift ore transfer miles in AAdvantage easily from the Website of American Airlines.

Click Here to Buy, Redeem or Gift American Airlines Miles

FAQs on Buy, Transfer and Redeem AAdvantage Miles:

1). What is Buy Miles of AAdvantage?

You can purchase miles if you need for your travel requirements from the web page of AAdvantage of American Airlines.

2). What is Gift Miles of American Airlines?

You can also gift miles to another member of your family for the special occasion to fly on the various destinations.

3). What is Transfer Miles of American Air?

Can you also transfer Miles of American Air to other passengers Account? Yes, you can do this easily because American Air AAdvantage program allowed to transfer miles.

Steps to Transfer/Gift or Buy Miles of American Airlines?

1). Go to the American Airlines Official Site (

2). Select “AAdvantage”

3). Click on Buy, Transfer or Gift Miles Option

4). You will be redirected to the Login Page

5). Enter the First Name and Last Name and AAdvantage Number

6). Proceed for Login

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