How to do American Airlines Check-In?

Are you looking for the step-by-step process of American Airlines Check-In? How to do American Airlines Check-In ? Here is the step-by-step guide to clarify the real answer to this question for the flyer. American is the Major Airline of the United States and this is the leading airline for the travel goals of the passengers for domestic and international travel purposes.

5 Steps to do Check-In of American Airlines Flights:

1). Visit the Home Page of American Airlines (

2). Browse for the Main Menu of the Home Page and Select “Travel Info”

3). Go to the Third Colum of Menu and Select Check-In

4). Enter Passenger First and Last Name and Booking Number

5). Click on “Find Your Trip” and Proceed for Check-In

What to do In Ticket Number Missing Situation of American?

As we know, without the ticket number or the reservations number you can’t do the Check-In of American Airlines Flights and that’s why this is the most important aspect for the flyers. Many times, people may also miss the ticket number and they don’t have any idea about the booking number. How to get the booking Number of American Airlines Flights? You can call on the American Airlines Customer Service Number or get live assistance on the chatbots of the American Flights.

Call +1-800-413-4823