Is Delta Blocking Middle Seats?

From Match 2021, Delta is the one and only airline that block the middle seats in the aircrafts to providing safe travel. As we know, in the 2020 travel industry affected most but still airline are giving their best and they are always trying to ensure the safety during the travel of the passengers. Corona Virus is the big challenge for the overall world and to get rid from this pandemic delta also provide best service to passengers. Is delta blocking middle seats ? The answer of this question is yes. This is the big step by the Delta Air to make sure the safety of the travel during the travel goals with delta.

Advantages of Blocking Middle Seats in Delta:

1). Social Distancing is the big challenge for the airlines to maintain social distancing during the travel blocking middle seat is the best thing for the passengers and they will make sure that they are not in touch with anyone who is Corona Virus Positive.

2). Old Age People and pregnant ladies always prefer to travel safe and that’s why delta make sure the positive things to stop the spread of Corona Virus Spread in the people by blocking the middle seats in Delta Airlines Flights.

3). Delta also limit for the on board numbers of people and make sure that less number of crowd present during the check-in and boarding time.

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