Is Delta Checking Covid Tests

Delta is the leading flag carrier of the United States and when you are trying to fetch the information about the Corona Virus Rules with Delta Airlines then you must know about the major rules about the Delta Corona Virus Travel. This pandemic changes the ways of traveling for the passengers. Is Delta Checking Covid Tests? We are come here to give the answer of this question.

For Domestic Travel With Delta Only Viral or Fever Test is Valid:

You must know about the fact that for the domestic travel in the United States you don’t have need the report of Covid Test and with the normal Viral Checking Report you can board for your flight. Nowadays, the cases of Corona Virus are now reducing and Vaccine also launched by the Government. Therefore, for the domestic travel passengers don’t have need the Covid Test Report in the United States. Still for the new update and more information you can reach on the Delta Airlines Official Site.

For International Travel You Need Covid Report For Delta Flights:

At next, when we talk on the International travel with Delta then we can say that you need to submit the report of the Corona Virus Test for the checking and boarding in the flight for Delta. Not only delta but all airlines are making Corona Virus Report Mandatory for the International Travel.

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