List of Additional Items in American Baggage

Traveling with the American Airlines is the most vital aspect for you but knowing about the List of Additional Items in American Baggage is most important aspect for you. What are the additional items than checked bags which are allowed to carry free of cost in the baggage of American is now here for you?

1). 1 Carry-On Item:

First thing that you must know about the allowed item than checked baggage in your baggage policy is 1 Carry-On Item. You must follow the size and weight restriction to travel with the one carry-on item in the American Air.

2). 1 Personal Item:

It may your purse, handbag or laptop! Yes, you can also carry your 1 personal item without paying any charges in the baggage of the American Flights.

3). Sports Equipment:

If you want to carry the stuff of tools or equipment related to any game or sports then you may have to pay the additional charges in the carry-on baggage.

4). Assistive Devices:

The next thing that is also included in the list of additional items in American Flights Baggage is Assistive devices for customers with disabilities.

5). Bags Weighing (51 to 70 lbs.):

The bags weighing around 51 to 70 lbs. also apply some charges on the baggage of the American Flights.


Thus, with this you can understand what are the different additional items included in the baggage policy of the American Airlines Flights and for more information you can also browse for the American Airlines Baggage Policy at the website of American.

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