Things that You Have to Remove at Airport Security


Going from the airport security is most of the critical and time taken process for the people. To avoid hassles and do quick airport security checks, people must know about the basic tips and preparations. Today, here we come with the most amazing topic blog for travelers that describe the thing you have to remove at airport security. The blog helps you to remove these things and security professionals can easily do the security check work fast which will save the time of professional and passenger as well. These things are detected by airport scanners.

1. First Remove Your Belt:


Yes, this is the right thing and to avoid hassles in the check-in process you have to remove your belt because the buckles of belt detected by metal detectors at the security check-in. If you didn't remove your belt previously then they will state you for removing the belt and it creates hassles for fast security check-in at the airport.

Case of Plastic Belt:

There is no issue if the passenger wears the Plastic Belt because it is not detected by metal detectors. The main thing is if your buckle is designed with the plastic materials then, there is no need to worry about the removing belt at the airport.

2. Bobby Pins:


Having Bobby Pins on the head may also create problems at the time of security at the airport for you. Generally, girls wrap their hair with the help of a bobby pin but it is also the fact that it can easily be detected by metal detectors. If you have only one or two bobby pins on your head then there is no issue but if you have more than two bobby pin, then you must remove it before going to security check-in.

3. All Kinds of Jewelry:


Mostly girls do this mistake (especially when they are going by air first time). You have to remove all kinds of jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and piercings. However, expensive material goggle or diamond doesn't have a need to remove but if you have wearing artificial or cheap material jewelry then remove it.

4. Watches:


Watches are also not allowed at the airport security check. You have to remove your watch from hand when you are going to do a security check at the airport. Smart Watches are also included in this.

5. Underwire bra:


As we know, thousands of females wear underwire bra but it has detected by the metal detector as well. However, security professionals never stop for this reason but if you want to avoid the ringing of alarm then you can wear sports or without a wire bra.


Therefore, these are the 5 major things that you have to remove at the airport before going to proceed security check. No matter you are going with Delta Airlines or United Airlines security check-rules are same for all airlines.