Travel with Pets in SAS Airlines

Traveling in the SAS Airlines with your pet is not the easy task for you when you not know about the Travel with Pets in SAS Airlines. First of all, small cats and dogs are allowed in the pet policy of the SAS Flights with you in the cabin. However, in the SAS Business no pets are allowed. Pets must be checked-in.

1). How many pets are allowed in the in each flight of SAS?

The numbers of pets are limited in the SAS Flights and to reserve the seat of your pet in the flight you have to contact the customer service. Must do the booking of pet for your SAS Flights before 24 hours of your flight departure.

2). What are the formalities to travel with pets in SAS Air?

Passenger must fill out a document to travel with animals except for domestic flights in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. You have to represent these documents at the airport at the check-in. Your Pet Container will be count as the carry-on-baggage.

3). What is Pet Fee in SAS Flights?

For the Domestic Flights Pet Fee is $60, For European and Scandinavian Flights, Pet Fee is $80 and for Flights to/from Asia fee is $105.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, this is all about the Travel with Pets in SAS Airlines for the flyers and with this they can understand the major facts about the SAS Airlines Pet Policy.

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