What You Can’t Bring in American Airlines Baggage

Flying with American Air does not mean you can fly with all kinds of baggage in-flight. You must know about the item that you can’t bring in the American Airlines Baggage Policy. Here is the list of those items which you can’t bring in the American Air Flights, thus check-out for your travel plans:

Traveling for Mexico, Caribbean, Central or South America:

1). Overweight Items not allowed for these cities travel

2). Oversize Items not allowed for these cities travel

3). Excess bags or Checked Bags not allowed for the travel and only 2 checked bags are allowed for the given cities

4). You can’t travel with Boxes in these cities.

What are the Destinations of Seasonal Baggage Limitation?

Caribbean Grenada (GND) St. Vincent (SVD) Kingston, Jamaica (KIN)
Central America Managua, Nicaragua (MGA) San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL)
Guatemala City Guatemala (GUA) Roatan, Honduras (RTB) Managua, Nicaragua (MGA) San Pedro Sula, Honduras (SAP) Tegucigalpa, Honduras (TGU)
South America Cali, Colombia (CLO) Pereira, Colombia (PEI) Georgetown, Guyana (GEO)
Central America San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL)
Mexico Aguascalientes (AGU) Chihuahua (CUU) Durango (DGO) Hermosillo (HMO) Leon (BJX) Monterrey (MTY) Oaxaca (OAX) Queretaro (QRO) San Luis Potosi (SLP) Torreon (TRC)


Therefore, this is about the What You Can’t Bring in the American Airlines Reservations Travel Goals. We hope that this destination table (restricted with seasonal limitation of baggage) help you to make your travel plans in a right manner,

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