Travel India to Explore Eye-Catchy Heritage Places

Tourism of India is the most eminent desire of travelers. From the recent decades, the percentage of India in terms of Tourism of India is around 22% in the overall world. The shared percentage is enough to tell how the country is growing in the Tourism World. Around 8% of people in India employed in the Tourism Industry and this Industry contributes 43 Million to the whole GDP of the country. A cultural and traditional country is a great combination of traditional and modern values. Travel to India is the most vital perspective for the people who never visit this Heritage Country. It’s time to accomplish the holiday goals in India with the complete TRAVELINDIA Guide. Which is your favorite city in India for travel? Every person has a different choice. Maybe youth like Mumbai, Goa, Delhi or Jaipur, and Old Age people want to explore Tamil Nadu, Chennai, or Andaman and Nicobar Island? No matter in which city of India you want to complete your travel goals but you can get the complete information of Holiday Travel of India on this place.

Most Popular States & Union Territories of India For Travel:

Most Popular States & Union Territories of India For Travel

Tamil Nadu:

One of the big states that covers the largest percentage in terms of Tourism in Tamil Nadu according to the recent reports of 2020. The annual growth rate of this state for travel is around 16% (that is highest in comparison to other states). Around 5 Million people visit Tamil Nadu every year across from the various countries in the world. What makes this place eye-catchy for the tourist? Due to the rich cultural and historic values this state rank in the first position in India for highest tourism. The admirable temple architecture is representing the best level of music, tradition, dance, fine arts, and folk arts as well. You can also find the top most heritage sites and temple towns in the state.

Uttar Pradesh:

Going for Travel India and miss the visit to the United States means you miss the 50% amazing destinations of India. This is the most populous state of India and many amazing destinations are waiting for you in the UP. Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, and Allahabad a well. Eye-catchy heritage places and historical landmarks are situated in Uttar Pradesh.


The national capital of India, Delhi is an alluring place to visit in India. Travel India is not the goal of many travellers in the world but also the desire of many people in the world. They want to explore every single site of India and add these memorable things to the travel diary. You must note down the name of “Delhi” when you are working on the TRAVELINDIA graph. India Gate, LAL QUILLA, LOTUS Temple, QUTUB MINAR are some ancient landmarks of Delhi that you can’t miss on your tour.


The south Indian city but known as the historical landmarks and buildings-based city of India. Long Sandy Beaches are also the features of Chennai. In the Travel Guide of One of the leading Travel Blogging Site (Lonely Planet), this city ranked in the 9th position in terms of tourism. At next it is important to know about the place of Chennai which is in the slit of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place's name is MAHABALIPURAM. This is the place of ancient temples from the PALLAVA Kingdom.


With 6 Million Tourist Every year, Mumbai is the most visited city in the world. From the reports of the United Nations, the city also the most populous city in India after Delhi and 7th in the World. The population of the city is around 25 Million. Do you want to explore the culture of Bollywood or Movie Making of India? If yes, then Mumbai is the right place and the city is also known as the city of Bollywood. When you are on the tour of Travel India, then you can explore here Gateway of India, Cuffe Parade Skyline, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus as well.


Agra is in the 45th Position in the country in terms of tourism. The city belongs from the United States and famous for the beauty of the Taj. Taj Mahal is the world’s famous place in Agra. The city is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. The tourist place list of Agra is very extensive and you have to plan the things at the right time.


The capital of Rajasthan is famous because of its many iconic places. Even, this city is also known as the Pink City in the world. Tourists across from the world come to explore this city for the Travel India goals. Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar both are UNESCO based World Heritage Sites. Don’t miss the visit of Jaipur when you are on a trip to India from the United States, Europe, Canada, or Asia.

See The Combination of Modern India and Traditional India:

Hire a Travel Guide to see the worthy combination of modern and traditional India on your TRAVELINDIA Tour. India is the most amazing country in the world and due to the countless eye-catchy places, this country is a fruitful choice to add to your travel bucket. Maharashtra is also the state of India that is popular for tourism. You can also divide the various parts of India on your travel plans for Travel India in terms of North, South, East, and West.

Best Time For Travel India Goals:

Which is the best time to visit India? This. Is the concern of all tourists who are not from Asia and belongs to the American and the European Countries? Well, the best time to visit in India is May-June and November-December. Both the span is good for the people to plan the travel for India.

Best Airlines For Travel India:

In the list of airline reservations for TRAVELINDIA Goals, you can consider the major Asian airlines for your holiday plans. The major airlines of India are; IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet, GoAir, AirAsia, and Vistara as well. You can consider an airline for the Travel India program according to your choice and airfare options as well.


Therefore, this is all about the Travel India Information for the people and you must plan the things at the right time or with the pre-travel booking ideas for the Holiday in India. Tourism in India is not quite expensive such as in European, African, and European Countries.

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