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Privacy Policy: Smartflightsfares

Our privacy policy has been made to protect, collect, share, and use information related to various apps, systems, and other data sources. The personal information is related to bookings done on the American Airlines flights or flights of the companies merged with American Airlines. The privacy policy can be changed at any time and upload it on the website. The date will also be mentioned on which the policy is changed.

The personal information of a customer is collected and maintained which is received from many sources. This information will help the customers in travel, managing business, and many other things. The personal information will include

  • Name, address, and phone numbers
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Email, fax numbers (if any)
  • Credit or debit card number along with expiration dates
  • Travel information in which booking, request for assistance, restrictions in diet, etc.
  • Travel issues in previous journeys
  • Passport number, country of residence and nationality

When a ticket is booked, its record is created by the American Airlines. The information recorded includes the channel through which the ticket is booked. Along with it, the details of transaction is also recorded. The information regarding to cancellation, baggage, lost baggage is also recorded. The contact information related to an emergency is also recorded. The contact information will help us to contact the passenger in case the flight is delayed, cancelled, or any other information related to problem with the flight.

We use the information to benefit the users of the site. The information may also be shared with the third party on order to improve the services on the website. We do not rent or sell the personal information of the customers. The information is shared with the agents, representatives or service providers attached to the company in order to complete the customer's order.


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