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Terms & Conditions

There are various terms and conditions, which are to be followed by the customers in order to have a comfortable and safe journey.


The tickets of the passenger means baggage and ticket check at the time of check-in. In case of electronic ticket, itinerary or receipt is required. Carriage means transportation and carrier means to carry the passenger and his baggage.

Fare change

If a passenger has booked a ticket and fare is reduced after a few days, the difference of the fare will be refunded to the customer if he makes a request for it.

Schedules and operations

The company has the responsibility of carrying the passengers and their luggage but there is no guarantee of the timetable mentioned in the ticket. The airlines can change the aircraft and also alter the stoppages of the flight without notice. The company is not liable if it fails to make a connection between flights according to schedule.

Force major events

The flights may be cancelled, diverted, postponed, and delayed without any prior notice and without any liability. The amount will be refunded in accordance with the unused portion of the ticket and involuntary refund laws. The flights can be delayed, cancelled, or postponed due to earthquake, storm, riots, wars, etc. The delays or cancellation can also be done as per the government orders.

Over sales

If a situation occurs that the passengers are more than the seats, no one will be asked to deny flight boarding. If there are volunteers who, on request, give up their reservation, it will be good, and they will receive compensation for the same. The airlines will allow them to choose another airline for the same ticket. If there are no or less volunteers then the boarding will denied to the passengers based on their check-in time.


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